Press release

CLAAS presents the new tedder models VOLTO 45, 55 and 65

CLAAS has carried out a complete upgrade of its proven VOLTO tedder range. The three new models VOLTO 45, 55 and 65 feature not only a new design, but also numerous technological innovations, including the proven MAX SPREAD crop flow concept and the maintenance-free PERMALINK drive.

The new VOLTO 45, 55 and 65 models offer reliable operation even in difficult conditions, such as on small, awkwardly shaped fields or on hilly terrain. They are therefore ideally suited to small to medium-size farms that use their own machinery.

MAX SPREAD crop flow concept now on all VOLTO models

Just like the larger models of the series, the new VOLTO models also feature the proven MAX SPREAD crop flow concept. The trailing tine connection ensures that the tines are either crosswise to or in the direction of travel during crop intake. On the one hand, this allows higher travel speeds and thus higher performance, while on the other it also results in lower fuel consumption, thanks to the lower engine speed. Meanwhile, the crop flow between the rotors is almost in a straight line, which results in a high throughput and gentle forage handling. The trailing geometry of the arms also distributes the crop wider and more evenly.

Maintenance-free, thanks to PERMALINK 

For power transfer, the three new VOLTO models use the patented PERMALINK finger clutch between the transmission systems. The system is maintenance-free, and delivers full power transfer in all working positions. PERMALINK also enables folding movements of up to 180°, ensuring a compact transport position.

Clean and safe working on hilly terrain

The power drawbar (CKL) ensures clean and safe working on difficult, hilly terrain. It allows smooth trailing when turning, and prevents machine overrun when travelling downhill. The machine is automatically centred when the power drawbar is raised. The drawbar remains active during travel on roads, and transfers the weight of the machine to the lower linkage. This takes the weight off the carrier frame, and fixes the machine in position. The power drawbar sensitivity is flexibly adjustable.

Working widths for all requirements

The working width of the new tedder models range from 4.50 m for VOLTO 45 to 5.20 m for the VOLTO 55, and 6.40 m for the VOLTO 65. Both the VOLTO 45 and 65 have a rotor diameter of 1.50 m, while the VOLTO 55 features rotors with a diameter of 1.70 m. All models have a lift function via a single-acting hydraulic ram, and a wire cable for transport locking. Another standard feature is the robust, yet flexible protective frame brackets with four or six glass fibre-reinforced polyamide brackets. The basic equipment also includes a robust three-point mounting with integrated holder for the universal drive shaft and a parking position for the hydraulic hose. Additional available options include a night swathing gearbox, a guide wheel and an edge-tedding crop guard for clean field edges.

The new VOLTO 45, 55 and 65 models replace the VOLTO 45, 52 and 64 models, and will be available from next season.